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Frequently Asked Questions

The product must be stirred very well before each actuation so the components mix before leaving, avoiding the clogging of the valve. Apply at a distance of approximately 15 cm’s from the armpits.

Antiperspirants need to be shaken well to ensure that the powder (aluminum salt) is evenly distributed in the can. Otherwise, the product could be expelled in a concentrated manner and clog the valve or leave residues on the skin or clothing.

In case of clogging of the valve, remove the actuator and rinse the parts (actuator and valve) with warm water from the warm shower for a few seconds, which will return to normal operation.

Our products are not tested on animals. Laboratory tests performed on animals to analyze possible reactions of products to human health expose living beings to pain, suffering and irreversible injuries. These types of procedures are prohibited by law and widely condemned by Dana Cosméticos!

Deodorants are substances that prevent odor and reduce the levels of bacteria in the armpits. However, deodorant alone does not prevent transpiration. Antiperspirants reduce the level of transpiration, controlling the flow of sweat from the armpits. Most antiperspirants also have a deodorant action.

The Health Surveillance Agency (Anvisa) determines that the use of antiperspirants and products in aerosol format is not allowed for children before 12 years of age.

Yes, it can be used more than once a day.

Skin blemishes can occur if there is irritation or allergy to the product, which leads to redness and other local inflammatory signs, and can cause post-inflammatory pigmentation. In that case, discontinue use immediately.

When using an antiperspirant, try to wash the clothes as quickly as possible, avoiding that, when storing the clothes, the product has the opportunity to penetrate the fibers and dry too much, which makes subsequent removal difficult. When using the product, the following recommendations should be followed: dry the armpits well, spread the product evenly, avoid using an excessive amount, wait for the armpits to dry before dressing and never apply the product directly on clothing.

If your skin is healthy and without known allergies, choose the product of your preference. You must read the instructions for use and the composition. If the skin is sensitive, it is recommended to look for products in more creamy and hypoallergenic vehicles.

This means that they have been tested under the control of dermatologists, which reduces the risk of allergy. In case of doubt, consult a dermatologist, specialist by the Brazilian Society of Dermatology.

No, when taking a bath the product is removed from the skin and, therefore, it is necessary to reapply it after the bath to have protection for up to 48 hours.

Prevents skin dryness and helps keep it soft and hydrated. Minimizes possible skin irritations and provides up to 48 hours of protection against perspiration and odor. Dermatologically tested, contains no ethyl alcohol or dyes.

The ideal is to have a care routine. Wash your armpits with running water and soap to remove impurities and excess deodorant; dry the area well (once clean and dry, they prevent the proliferation of fungi and bacteria that cause odors); and apply a good deodorant, preferably those more moisturizing and less irritating versions

Antiperspirants work as sweat inhibitors and keep the body relatively dry. The same function has antiperspirants, because the word “perspire” means “to perspire insensibly on the entire surface”.

The safety of antiperspirants has been proven in numerous studies and its use in cosmetic products is approved.

If not properly applied, antiperspirants, which contain aluminum salts (eg aluminum hydrochloride), can leave white residues on the fabrics. In addition to shaking the product well, it is necessary that the product is completely absorbed and dried on the skin before putting on the clothes.


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